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Suzhou Daben Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in July 2009. It specializes in precision mold development, shock absorber components, car seat components, metal elevator parts, metal stamping parts, welding, cleaning, surface treatment, and integrated production of assembly. The company established a new sheet metal product production and punching machine in 2019. The automation equipment production branch factory covers an area of 3000㎡. The products are mainly devoted to auto parts, mechanical and electrical products, home appliances, medical treatment, optical communication and other industries. The company has considerable production capacity, existing large-scale complete sets of advanced mechanical processing equipment, and a professional design team. At present, the company mainly provides products and services for Suzhou BOSCH, GAC Toyota, Yiqi Toyota, Dongfeng Nissan, Shanghai Faurecia, SAIC General Motors, Shanghai Volkswagen, Seshuo Computer, Qisda, BOE, Zhongda Guangtong and other well-known enterprises.

"Respect customers, go all out, fulfill promises, unite, challenge difficulties, and keep improving" is our quality policy. The perfect and strict management mechanism and sophisticated processing equipment effectively guarantee the overall advantages of accurate delivery, high quality and good service. Welcome customers to come to discuss cooperation, visit and guide.

The company has gathered a group of high-level and high-quality mold design and processing personnel, which provides a strong guarantee for the customer's product quality.

With the characteristics of advanced design, novel structure, high precision, good materials, long service life, safe mold production, convenient maintenance, and short mold manufacturing period, the company provides time guarantee for customers' products to occupy the market as soon as possible, and thus wins the trust of customers.

The general manager of the company used to be a technical supervisor in a Japanese-funded mold company for 7 years, and has accumulated a wealth of technology and management concepts in the Japanese mold industry. Eliminate technical and safety problems in the production of molds for customers, and improve the production efficiency and service life of molds.

Main processing type:

1. Has very mature experience in mold development and product production technology for automotive shock absorber components, airbags, sunroofs, seats and other metal parts.

2. Has very mature experience in mold development and production of automobile wiper system and exhaust system hardware products

3. All kinds of motor shell deep drawing products have certain experience in mold development and production.

4. Very mature experience in mold technology and production requirements for hardware products such as various home appliances, computers, and vehicle electrical appliances.

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