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The principle of the monitor lift bracket and how does the monitor stand lift bracket?

The principle of the monitor lift bracket and how does the monitor stand lift bracket?

As the name suggests, a monitor stand is a shelf that can support a monitor. It is a product that can fix a monitor, a notebook or a tablet computer. The monitor stand can save a lot of desktop space and make the monitor more comfortable to use. So what is the principle of the monitor lift bracket? How does the monitor stand lift bracket?

The principle of monitor lifting bracket
The core function of a monitor stand, lift bracket is the ability to easily raise, lower and tilt a monitor or workstation, and this core function ultimately needs to be realized by a mechanical or gas spring system.
The gas spring achieves the effect of height/angle adjustment through a controller, usually a handle. In addition, the gas spring can also be realized by the expansion and contraction of the piston rod. Through the adjustment of the controller and the control of the valve switch, when the piston rod is locked at the required position, the locking occurs and the locking can be realized.

How to lift the monitor stand lift bracket
There is a connecting bearing between the bracket of the monitor and the monitor. Press and hold the base of the monitor and move the monitor back and forth. The bearing may be tight, so use a little force. The support behind the monitor has a hook. If there is a hook, Break it off, if not, just lift it up.
Start by attaching the monitor stand to your desk.
Then mount the monitor on the panel of the stand.
Connect the power cord and the transmission line, and hide them in the wiring trough that comes with the bracket.
At this time, you can raise and lower the monitor, mouse and keyboard at will, and adjust it to the height that suits you.