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Do you want customized LCD Screen Metal Backplate ? DaBen is definitely your good choice. We are known as one of the most competitive LCD Screen Metal Backplate manufacturers and suppliers in China. If you are interested in learning about our products, we can provide you free sample. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for consultation and negotiation.
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  • Buy Daben LCD Screen Metal Backplate which is of high quality directly with low price. The metal backplane of the computer LCD screen is the structural part of the liquid crystal display and is located on the back of the display. Made of metal, it provides a strong and durable support structure for the LCD panel. The backplane of the graphics card is made of metal, which has good heat dissipation characteristics.
    Specification: 450*320*20mm

As a professional China LCD Screen Metal Backplate manufacturers and suppliers, DaBen has its own factory. You can rest assured to buy LCD Screen Metal Backplate from us. "Respect customers, go all out, fulfill promises, unite, challenge difficulties, and keep improving" is our quality policy. The perfect and strict management mechanism and sophisticated processing equipment effectively guarantee the overall advantages of accurate delivery, high quality and good service. Welcome customers to come to discuss cooperation, visit and guide.