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What springs are used in shock absorbers?


The type of spring used in shock absorbers varies depending on the design and application of the shock absorber. Generally, there are two types of springs used:

Coil Springs: Coil springs are the most common type of spring used in shock absorbers. They are made of steel wire and work by compressing and extending as the shock is compressed and extended. The coil springs compress when the shock is compressed, and then return to their original shape when the shock extends.

Leaf Springs: Leaf springs are made from several layers of steel stacked on top of one another, with each layer being progressively shorter than the previous one. When compressed, the layers slide over each other, providing a cushioning effect. Leaf springs are often used in heavy-duty applications such as trucks, trailers, and buses.

In some specialized applications, other types of springs such as torsion springs, air springs, or rubber springs may be used in shock absorbers. The choice of spring depends on the specific needs of the application, including weight, load, vibration, and ride requirements . The appropriate spring must be selected to work in conjunction with the shock absorber to provide effective damping of vibrations and impacts.

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