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Backrest Cushion Fixing Plate manufacturing process


The manufacturing process of Backrest Cushion Fixing Plate is roughly as follows:

Raw material preparation: Purchase suitable metal plates, such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc., and cut and process them according to the requirements of the design drawings.

Stamping processing: Use a punch machine to punch, punch, stretch and other processing processes on the plate to obtain various parts that meet the design requirements.

Bending forming: Send the stamped parts to the bending machine for bending to obtain the required arc and shape.

Welding assembly: Use welding technology to assemble various components to complete the production of the final product.

Surface treatment: The surface of the product is treated through surface treatment processes, such as spraying, chrome plating, etc., to improve the durability and aesthetics of the product.

Testing quality: Strict quality testing is performed on finished products to ensure that products meet standards and customer needs.

The above is a general production process and is not specific to a certain model or brand of Backrest Cushion Fixing Plate.

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