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  • The monitor is an essential part of a desktop computer, without it all our actions would be invisible. A good monitor can not only show more details when you make fine drawings, but also protect your eyes and reduce the damage to eyesight caused by blue light and strobe.


  • Intelligence: In the future, the car seat industry may have a significant development trend of intelligence, such as smart side-sliding chairs, adjustable artificial leather seats, memory seats, head-up bar seats, smart lumbar seats and newer car seats . These smart seats can enhance people's driving experience.


  • The function of the shock absorber is to reduce vibration, maintain the ride comfort of the vehicle, and improve the comfort performance of the driver and passengers. In other words, it is to reduce the bumpy feeling of the vehicle when driving.


  • As the name suggests, a monitor stand is a shelf that can support a monitor. It is a product that can fix a monitor, a notebook or a tablet computer. The monitor stand can save a lot of desktop space and make the monitor more comfortable to use. So what is the principle of the monitor lift bracket? How does the monitor stand lift bracket?


  • You can rest assured to buy DaBen Shock Absorber Spring Plate from our factory. A shock absorber spring plate, also known as a coil spring seat or perch, is a component in a vehicle's suspension system. It is typically made of metal and serves as a mounting point for the coil spring of a shock absorber. The spring plate sits on top of the shock absorber and provides a stable platform for the coil spring to rest on. It helps support the weight of the vehicle and allows the spring to compress and expand as the suspension moves up and down, providing cushioning and absorbing shocks from the road surface.


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