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  • ​The material for shock absorber spring can vary depending on the specific application and requirements. Some common materials used include:


  • An automobile seat installation bracket known as a "body aluminum seat mount" is constructed from sturdy materials like aluminum alloy. It is a crucial part that keeps car seat bases secure while maintaining solid support and adherence to safety regulations.


  • A channel side bracket is a metal part that is used to support a straight channel. It is typically manufactured by assembling, bending, and stamping procedures. To provide enough strength and stability, such components are typically built of steel, aluminum, or aluminum alloy materials.


  • Seat Motor Brackets are metal brackets used to place the electric motor that adjusts the seat. They are also known as seat motor mounting brackets. High-strength metal is commonly used to make seat motor mounting brackets, ensuring its longevity and reliability under load and vibration situations. Seat motor mounting brackets are frequently employed in the automotive production sector because they enable electric seat adjustment systems, which give drivers and passengers a comfortable driving experience.


  • Shock absorber mounting plates not only give the shock absorbers a safe connection point, but they also are essential for supporting and aligning the suspension system of the car. They aid in preserving the right angle and orientation of the suspension's parts, which reduces system wear and tear and produces a smooth, predictable ride.


  • Seat Rail Guide Outer is part of a seat rail system commonly used in car seats. Its function is to guide and fix the motion trajectory of the seat so that the seat can slide forward or backward to meet the different needs of passengers.


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